Nightrunner´s Delicious Dutches´s



My angel, you can sleep now
Your eyes have gone out, you have peace now, your old body can rest now.
Now I sit here with your necklace in my hand and have only my memories remain.
I save my memories deep in my heart and part of my heart will always cry at the thought of you my angel!
I weep now at the thought of you my angel, my grief hurts so much.
You were my everything, my princess, my love, my beautiful angel.
No words were needed, you read my mind you knew everything without a word.
One look was enough - I love you!!
Thanks for letting me share a wonderful time with you, thanks for everything you gave me.
No words can describe my sorrow and my missing my angel.
You will always be in my heart my love.
Thank you my angel and rest in peace.


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